Home of fragrances from India! We believe natural fragrances possess the power to stimulate healing, remove distress and uplift the spirit. Sweet aromas create a sense of joy and enhance your environment. Choose from a variety of exotic fragrances from OM, Nitiraj, Satya and more.

We offer stylish and comfortable Women's Sports Wear. Shop Leggings, Body Suits, Tees, Sports Bras, Jackets, Tops, Bottoms and Tanks for Yoga, Studio, Running, Walking, Training, Gym, Every Day, Dance and Pilates activities.

Leggings A Fuego 2256 Combined Leggings Mesh 2258 Leggings Laser Cut 2236 Basic Leggings 2182 Supplex Leggings 2271


Experience that feeling of calmness and strength as you put on some of the most-loved leggings. Our leggings are made from a highly flexible and tough fabric which is soft to the touch, and retains color and shape after washing. Some styles include: printed, sublimated, jaspy, and stamped, all with bold colour, edgy mesh, exclusive textures and chic cut-outs that always make you look your best while exercising.

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