Many people ask, when they first hear the word REIKI, “What’s that?”

It is perhaps easier in answering this question to first state what Reiki is not….

It is NOT a religion, nor is it associated with any religion, sect or cult. It is not based on creeds or beliefs contradictory to Universal Laws or Love and Light.

Reiki embraces all philosophies and systems of thought.

Reiki is an alternative name for the USUI METHOD OF NATURAL HEALING. It is a Japanese word of 2 syllables which means:

KI – pronounced ‘key’ – LIFE ENERGY, CHI AS IN TAI CHI

Therefore REIKI (Ray-key) means Universal Spirit or Life, or Universal Life Energy – the Energy of Life all around us and continuously flowing through us.

This Flow of Life Energy through us is what keeps us alive, however, this flow is uneven for many. The stresses and tensions of daily living and negative though patterns, combine to create blocks and imbalances to this flow. These blocks are reflected in the body and can manifest as malfunctions or disease.

The Discipline of Reiki has to do with the use of Universal Life Energy in a Healing capacity. All people can tap into this universal Life Energy through Meditation, however, not all people understand how to channel this energy through their body’s properly.

Those trained in Healing Techniques are taught a connection and understanding of this Universal Life Energy, so that you may channel to yourself and others, thus helping you to grow and connect to another deepening of yourself.

 Hands showing the Opening of the Sun Spot in the Centre of the Palm. It is through this Centre that Universal Light comes through during a Healing…

REIKI HEALINGS with Chakra Balancing at: GoE – Grovedale 176 Marshalltown Road GROVEDALE ‘GoE is a Non-Profit Centre Helping Others’ MICHELLE BOUGHEN – Co-ordinator FB: Gallery of Enlightenment


Crystal Bowls are a wonderful way of putting you into a Personal Healing Journey through Sound Vibrations attuned to The Music of the Spheres.

The Music of the Spheres is the vibration that holds all Nature together upon Earth, and by sitting inside the Musical Atmosphere of ‘Crystal Bowls’, you begin to feel the benefits of Harmony that spreads throughout your entire Physical body, Chakra System and Aura.

Crystal Bowl Therapy is one of the created spaces that will help you explore your own Subconscious Mind, which can lead you to repair any hurts of the past and resolve any fears you may carry about your future decisions.

The Notes that each Crystal Bowl carry’s when played connect to the ‘Semi-Precious Tone’s’ a likened to Crystals within each Chakra, then once connected, vibrating into the Soul’s Vibes slowly whilst listening, thus allowing a ‘calmness and centring’ take place within you. The Bowls bring about a clearing and balancing effect to realign and connect your Truth to your Physical Body when feeling worried or stressed.

GoE run various Meditation Crystal Bowl Sessions. Melissa Hoinville, our GoE Crystal Bowl Musician has had and held many Bowl Sessions through playing at GoE Musical Meditation Evenings, Fund Raisers, Markets and teaching Private or Group Sessions to help people understand the quality of Spiritual Healing contained in and through Music Sound.

Melissa takes Bookings for her Classes, Private or Group Sessions. If interested, please ring on: PH: 0450652679.

GoE is also starting up CRYSTAL BOWL & DRUMMING JAM SESSIONS to those wanting to join in Healing Music Sessions for the World. ($5 Donation for Participation). If interested, please ring Melissa on: PH: 0450652679.

GoE do regular FUND RAISER Activities such as:

EN MASS HEALING BOWL MEDITATION CIRCLES FOR WORLD HEALING TWICE A YEAR IN GEELONG, donating all Profits to help the Education and Medical Supplies in 3rd World Countries.

GoE FUND RAISER RAFFLES: Wholistic Hampers filled with Crystals, Healing Blankets, Incense, Ritual Wands & Other Healing Tools, which many of our Business Colleagues donate to us to raise awareness of ‘Spirituality being Your Friend’.

GoE work with Egypt, Swaziland and Indonesia in helping the Education of young children not able to go to schools or receive Medical Supplies.

GoE also work locally with many Geelong Welfare Organisations quietly behind the scenes in Raising Spiritual Awareness through Fund Raising Events & Projects.

All Enquires:

Michelle Boughen – GoE Co-ordinatior: PH: 0433595660
Melissa Hoinville – GoE Crystal Bowl Musican: PH: 0450652679.

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