Traditional Incense Powder

Traditional 100% Natural Incense Powder Package Deal

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Traditional Incense Powder Package Deal

Packing List:

  • Total 48 jars (12 Fragrances x 4).
  • Each glass jar is 20 gms.
  • Includes free storage case (worth $30).

Traditional Incense Powder is made with the same quality ingredients found on the sticks. What makes this powder incense unique from other incenses, is that, it will burn freely by itself, without the need of charcoal or other chemical mixes of glue and heat sources. These aromatic blend of incense powders in 12 fragrances in glass jars of 20 gms each, will fill your space with the deep aromas.

  • Purification: will provide you with a rich, purifying aroma during your next ritual or meditation
  • Dragon's Blood: is used to create a warm and alluring fragrance and as healing for respiratory issues
  • Frankincense: is traditionally used to cleanse sacred space and also used to banish negative energy
  • Healing Lavender: Will provide you with a light and floral aroma
  • Love & Attraction: Will provide you with an intoxicating aroma and scent during your next ritual, spell or meditation
  • Myrrh: Will create an inspiring atmosphere with its aroma
  • Meditation: Will help provide you with a grounding and centring fragrance while meditating
  • White Sage: Will fill your space with the deep aroma that will put you into a positive mood
  • Sandalwood: Will provide you with a deep and sweet aroma when burning during your next ritual or meditation
  • Protection: Will help you protect from negative thoughts and lift your spirits
  • Prosperity: Will help towards prosperity, abundance and attraction
  • Patchouli: Will help provide you with a deep and rich earthy aroma when burning during your next ritual or meditation

Directions for use:

  • Place an Incense Stick in a proper Incense Burner that is heat resistant.
  • Light the tip of the Incense Stick, allow the flame to catch, then gently blow the flame out.
  • Never leave burning Incense Sticks unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Ensure that all ashes fall onto a heatproof and fireproof surface.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • This product is meant to be used for the stated purpose of fragrant incense sticks / cones and dhoop sticks only.
  • This product should not be used differently to the usage instructions on the packaging.
  • Storage: Incense sticks / cones are always to be stored in cool, dark, dry, non-inflammable areas.
  • Usage Care: Never light incense or dhoop sticks / cones around or with inflammable objects like wires, wood; use these only with proper incense or dhoop stands.
  • Allergy testing: For persons prone to allergies, it is always recommended to test for allergy by first using the incense or dhoop stick for about 5 minutes.
  • Always opt for incense or dhoop fragrances one is not allergic to.
  • There are many choices and types of dhoop fragrances available.
  • The information provided here can never be a substitute for proper medical aid that may be required.